Englische Rede Alex 06.04.2019 – Demo gegen #Artikel13

Hallo Frankfurt, Hallo Deutschland und hej sverige!

Wir ihr sehen könnt ist unsere Ausdauer grenzenlos. Seit Februar sind wir regelmäßig auf den Straßen und demonstrieren gegen die Urheberrechtsverordnung, bis heute! Wenden wir uns nun an Schweden.

Dear Sweden, we need to talk. About the European Union’s copyright reform and the decision to pass it in the European parliament. We heard that your representatives mostly voted against the copyright reform. We are truly thankful for this decision!

We heard about the protests in Sweden in cities like Stockholm, Malmö and Göteborg. I think, Swedish and German protesters want the same: To save the Internet.

We want to save the internet, with a petition against the copyright law which has been signed by 5 Million people. About 250.000 protesters took to the streets in Europe. German politicians lied, offended and mocked the protesters. We need your help in Europe.

We want to save the Internet! The problem is not copyrights per se, the problem is this copyright directive. We agree with you, that we need better copyright laws in Europe. But we don’t need one that will probably be used to restrict freedom of speech.

We want to save the internet, without overblocking, censorship, uploadfilters, lobbying and fake news going against the creatives and protesters. But that is what we got from our representatives.

We got:        
Overblocking, because big companies want to keep their money safe and avoid fines. 
Censorship, because uploadfilters cannot decide between parodies and copyright infringements.         
Uploadfilters, because there is no other way to implement Article 13.
Lobbying, because publishers and big companies have influenced politicians.
Fake News, because the European Politicians and authors have made reports about the protesters that are not accurate.

We want to save the internet! We are the Generation Internet and want to create content freely and under fair conditions. We need more security for content-creators. We want to watch our youtubers without copyright strikes.  Small content creators like us want to reach people through our content, to grow and flourish and bring fun and maybe even earn a bit of money. We want to film our crazy cats and dogs – but we also want to document war, injustice and exploitation and inform the world of it.

We want to save the internet, without a German solution. Instead we need a new European agreement. If only one European Country is affected by this copyright law, we are not all free! Germany cannot determine the European policy on its own and bypass the uploadfilters.

Therefore: Help us to stop the European Copyright reform. Reject this law in the council of ministers and convince other countries. Let us fight, side by side! Article 13 is complicated, expensive and censorship.

Jag vill säga det på svenska igen: Hjälp oss att stoppa upphovsrättsordern! Vi behöver din röst i ministerrådet och övertyga andra stater. Kämpa med oss sida vid sida! Artikel tretton är komplicerat, dyrt och förhandscensur.


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